Test Results

In order to maintain transparency with our customers, Pure CBD Exchange aims to publish up-to-date test results that showcase the purity and quality of our CBD products. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Test Results

Aspen Valley Filtered CBD Hemp Cigarettes

Aspen Valley Unfiltered CBD Prerolls

Aspen Valley CBD Flower

Topical Cream – Potency

IsoTerp Shatter – Residual Solvents

IsoTerp Shatter – Potency

Gummy Bears – Potency

Gel Capsules – Potency

1000mg Tincture – Potency

500mg Tincture – Potency

Special Sauce CBD Flower Strain

Space Candy CBD Flower Strain

Silver Haze CBD Flower Strain

Lifter CBD Flower Strain

Elektra CBD Flower Strain