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Pure CBD Exchange International Giveaway

Welcome to Pure CBD Exchange’s first international giveaway where we give a few of our lucky customers the chance to try out our products at no cost. We have quite the special treat this week.

This week we’ll be giving away 99.8% Pure CBD Isolate and a 1000mg Tincture with CO2 Hemp Oil & Hemp Seed Oil.

Pure CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD that you can ingest and our tinctures are a great product to try out for anyone new to CBD.

Check out some more of our information on CBD:

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This giveaway has expired. Stay tuned for our next one!

15 thoughts on “Pure CBD Exchange International Giveaway

  1. I would like to sample your cbd cannabidol products,i have never tried my name is Brian Richards my address is 1445 15th st nw Canton ohio 44703,if you could send a sample pack for me to try id very much appreciate it ,thank you very much.I am 42 years old

    1. Thank you! We have some very affordable entry products listed on the site. Use the code Feels-Like-the-First-Time for a 15% discount on your first order. Our 500mg Tinctures are only $30 before the discount.

  2. I have had back pain for 20 years and I am 64 years old. I am on opiates and want to quit. Currently my physician has me on an extended relief med 30 mg Norco ER. I can not cut back on these. Also I am taking hydrocodone 20/350. I’d be so happy to try your products to get away from these meds. Respond and let me know what you think would be best for me. I have been smoking pot and my Dr just realized that I had thc in my piss test. Now he wants to stop treating me and said he wouldn’t help me ween off of the pills. I need help.

    1. That’s pretty messed up and I’m sorry to hear that. A tincture is a pretty great way to get high regular doses, so are the gel capsules. Do you take dabs? It seems like you might need something potent to replace those kinds of drugs. The pure Isolate is a really potent and probably the cheapest way to get the largest amount of cbd. But it works best when it’s alongside other cannabinoids. A tincture provides that and so does the cannabis that you’re already smoking. You can take Isolate as a dab ideally, but putting it on top of a bowl can work as well. Ingesting it works too but the absorption rate is a little lower.

      1. Feels-Like-the-First-Time

        This code will give you a discount for first order

  3. Hi There – Do you guys ship to the UK or do you have UK resellers? Keen to try your products and may also like to resell Pure CBD exch products in the UK…
    Tom Kinsella

    1. We do ship to the U.K. And we would be happy to talk about distribution. Can you shoot an email with any questions about resale to dillon@!

    2. Feels-Like-the-First-Time

      Code for 15% discount on first order

  4. Totally off topic but I just ordered the the oil for pets and I’m not sure how to dose. 14 year old epileptic dog with arthritis and a host of other issues, he is a 62 pound hound mix. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

    1. I would give him about half a dropper to start off. If that doesn’t do much then use a full one. If he seems sluggish, bring the dose down. This is unlikely. 2 of my dogs will like the oil straight out of the dropper. With the other one I just put it on a piece of bread or some kind of treat that he will eat.

  5. How long does it usually take you guys to send orders out?

    1. We usually ship orders within 48 hours!

    2. 2 business days!

  6. Hi, I didn’t know where else to contact so figured try to comment here. I just ordered cbd oil for my dog with seizures but also want to order cbd lotion 1000mg for my husband but it has been out of stock? Is this a product that will be in stock soon or often? Or will I need to hunt it down elsewhere? I’d much rather get them both here as you are highly recommended by a coworker of mine! Thank you for your help

    1. Hello! Thanks for your question. We currently have the 500mg lotion variety in stock, but are currently sold out of the larger 1000mg size. We’re currently hoping to have the 1000mg size back in stock soon, but we’re currently prioritizing other fulfillment needs. We do still have the 500mg variety in stock though, so I recommend that if you’re still seeking a lotion! Thank you.

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